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People drive growth in companies.

We drive growth in people.

A Data Driven Approach to Employee Engagement


Henry Ford once said: “I know half of my advertising budget is wasted – unfortunately I just don’t know which half.”
In short: He wasted a lot of money, but he couldn’t change it.

More than 85%* of employees worldwide are not engaged at work.
This can cost you a lot of money, but we can help you change it!


A disengaged workforce is one of the costliest problems in the modern working world.

Strategic job- & organisational design is the solution.


  • Earnings +147%
  • Absenteeism -37%
  • Turnover -25% (min)
  • Shrinkage -28%
  • Quality defects -41%


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Many factors have a proven influence on employee engagement.** We identify the ones most relevant for your company.


We start our interventions exactly where it is most effective for your company.


We measure the effectiveness of the steps taken.


    We analyze the status quo in your company using interviewing techniques and surveys. Anonymity guaranteed!


    We suggest interventions based on your results and our expertise, because knowing your facts is key!


    We help you implement interventions in a cost-effective manner, while ensuring maximum acceptance by involving employees and educating influencers.


    We evaluate the effectiveness of the measures implemented by re-assessing the same aspects as before. 

  • You save time and money by skipping ‘trial and error’ and tackling the engagement issue in the right spots with the right measures.
  • You receive valuable data for your employer branding efforts.
  • You receive honest results through guaranteed anonymity for your employees.
  • You gain objectivity by involving third party members.

Is your company different from others? We offer special solutions for:

Employee engagement and

  • Remote teams – How to keep your employees engaged and connected if spread across the globe?
  • Generation Y – A generation of people who seem to want all and nothing?
  • Cross-generational teams – How to balance engagement in teams from different generations?

Each company is unique, so are our solutions.

That’s why we don’t like to offer “one size-fits all”-packages.

However, a chat about your company is – of course- free! Give us a shout and we are happy to call you, Skype you or meet with you to see what we can do for you and your employees!


Contact us today for a free consultation!

At Psynovations we strive to improve employee engagement by focusing on facts, not trial and error. We offer individualised solutions for your company’s needs based on science and data.

Cornelia Kastner

Founder | Occupational Psychologist

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* Gallup (2012). State of the Global Workplace. [24.3.2016]

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